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Project Details
Project Id 1191-08
Name of Project Shri Dnyaneshwar SSK Methane Extraction Project at At- Dnyaneshwarnagar, Post- Bhende S.K., Taluka-Newasa, Dist.- Ahmednagar in Maharashtra by M/s M/s Shri Dnyaneshwar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. (SDSSK) (Distillery Division)
Location of the Project (Village / District / State) Maharashtra
Sectorial Scope Waste handling and disposal
No. of CERs (upto 2012) 97,712
Activity Scale Small
Host Country Approval Status Approved
Project Start date (dd/mm/yyyy) May 8, 2007.
Project completion date (dd/mm/yyyy) December 31, 2008.

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